Welsummer Chickens

Welsummer Rooster
Welsummer Rooster
Welsummer Hen
Welsummer Hen
18 Welsummers taking a bath
Welsummers enjoying a dust bath

Welsummer chickens are a dual purpose chicken with a very docile temperament. Welsummers are very active, friendly and vocal birds. Hens top out at about 5 pounds and Roosters top out at 7 pounds. Hens produce approximately 250 large eggs a year. Eggs are dark brown often with speckles. Chicks can be sex at hatching with about a 90% accuracy.

Hatching eggs: $3.00 each minimum 6
As hatched chicks: $4.00 each minimum 6.
Female chicks: $5.00 each minimum 6
Male chicks: $3.00 each minimum 6
16 week old pullets: $20.00 each. None available at this time.

We do not ship chicks, hatching eggs or pullets they must be picked up on the farm. Please call us to place and order.